Karen Mal/Fred Alley
We had fifty cents between us
We asked a blind man for advice
I only wish he could have seen us
Take our chances, roll the dice

We were richer than the Pharaoh
We were poorer than we knew
Loved you baby to the marrow
Made the leap that lovers do

Falling, falling, we were falling

I took a bus to Ogallala
Where we used to hang around
I don't know what I hoped to fined there
Maybe peace or solid ground

I showed a bartender your picture
He said you'd gone, left town
No address to forward- sorry
Gravity, come pull me down

Falling, falling, I'm falling

If you ever tumble darling
I will catch you when you fall
I have made it to the bottom
Can you hear me when I call?

Falling, falling, falling