Never Any Flowers
Words and Music: Jeff Talmadge and Karen Mal
There were never any flowers; no valentine bouquets
No fistful of daisies picked along the way
He sang no love songs; they were all locked away
In the attic of his memory in another lover's name

There were never any flowers but every morning she would look
For seeds that never sprouted, roots that never took
She watched the soil for some small sign of growth
And he watched the door for his opening to go

You take a cutting from the vine
And do the best you can
You can pray for sun
You can pray for rain
But just don't pray for time

Now the days gather slowly like the leaves upon the ground
The colors have faded like the love she'd thought she'd found
There's a certain solace in the silence of the falling snow
There's a season in her memory where the flowers grow